1: to be alive : have the life of an animal or plant 2 a: to occupy a home : dwell <living in a shabby room> <they had always lived in the country> b: to be located or stored <the silverware lives here> 3: to attain eternal life <though he die, yet shall he live — John 11:25(Revised Standard Version)>4: to have a life rich in experience


Live:  Rooted in Community

We seek to build interdependent relationships with other believers, engaging in each other’s lives, as together we become the Body of Christ.

Where we do this:  Small groups

God did not call us to live the Christian life on our own.  We have been called to be part of a community of believers.  We want you to feel like you are part of a family when you come to Eastside.  Here, you can build relationships with people young and old, and with people who are in all different phases of their relationship with God.  You can find encouragement to help you through your struggles, and the support that you need to live a life that gives glory to God.  Our small groups are a great way to get know people outside of the “big setting” of Sunday morning.  By meeting in each others homes and studying the Word of God together, we can experience community in a new and personal way.